A romantic stroll in Paris on Valentine's Day

From picturesque bridges to idyllic parks and elegant squares rich in the ambience of the past, the places suitable for a romantic stroll in Paris during Valentine’s Day are plentiful. Enjoy your stay in the enchanting setting of the Hotel Viator and take advantage of its proximity to the most emblematic places of the City of Light, where you can declare or reaffirm your love to your special one.

Stroll through old Paris

During a romantic getaway, a walk in old Paris should not be missed. From the Place du Châtelet to the Hôtel de Ville, not forgetting the streets of the Île de la Cité, you’ll discover the romantic atmosphere of the historic heart of Paris. The same atmosphere prevails between the Pont Marie and Pont de la Tournelle, specifically upon the Rue Saint-Louis en l'Ile, where quaint restaurants are lit by candlelight.

The Jardin du Luxembourg

An invitation to meet with your loved one in that most delightful of Parisian parks, the Jardin du Luxembourg, should never be refused. This verdant isle in the midst of the city is the ideal place to stroll, hand in hand, along shady paths winding amidst flowerbeds and exquisite sculptures. At the west end of the park stands the splendid Medici Fountain, draped in ivy and offering the perfect setting for a declaration of love.

The Place des Vosges

Slip under the arches of the former Place Royale to steal a kiss or two. Here you can visit the apartments of that great romantic, Victor Hugo, or lounge on the lawns of the Square Louis XIII at the centre of the Place. After a brief tour of the shops and cafes that line the arcades, go through door by No. 7 to enter the lovely garden of the 17th century Hotel de Béthune-Sully.

Photo: DXR

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